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You're in the right place! We can make your dream design a reality. We are willing to go the extra mile, mix and match materials and customize any detail to fit both your vision and budget. 


Ways to design a custom piece:

  1. Start with any of our signature designs and modify any detail, including cut, color, carat size, stone orientation, basket or setting, just to name a few. Select your metal(s) and tell us your size.

  2. Come to us with your inspiration and we will lay out a few ways we can translate it into real life, with your budget in mind.

Please specify the following details:

  • Are you looking for certified mined diamond, lab diamond or moissanite?

  • Metal (14k White, Yellow, Rose; 18k White, Yellow, Rose; Platinum)

  • Ring size

  • Desired setting or inspiration for custom setting

  • Center stone cut and carat weight

  • Center stone color grade (Modern white (DEF), Vintage White (GHI), Canary or Fancy)


Our team will connect with you as soon as possible but please allow up to 24-48 hours for a reply.

Thanks for submitting!

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